I would like to point out that I find your service excellent When I originally approached you about my hearing deficiency 2 years ago you gladly organised and travelled to my home for a private consultation (80 miles away), which impressed me! You always remind me when I need a hearing review which I can quickly make an appointment by email with you at one of your hearing centres, they are also free of charge. Your advice and selection of appropriate hearing aids is second to none.

The system you advised for me ( Phonak Audeo V) is of excellent quality and capability. A multi-channel system may be more expensive but the clarity and directionality is brilliant.  I didn’t hear this clearly for years until I adopted this system.

Being able to use my smartphone as a hands free device anywhere and able to listen to music without cables via the ComPilot system is very useful, although on occasion I do get some strange looks from people when I appear to be talking to myself in public places (because my phone is in my pocket). The ComPilot system is like an upgrade to your ears.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours gratefully

Ron Park, Millom, Cumbria