Hear better, remember more with less effort – introducing the new Oticon OPN

Recent studies show that ‘following conversation in noisy situations’ is the number one greatest challenge for people with hearing loss. Oticon OPN solves the problem by improving your ability to understand speech in even the most challenging environments by 30% compared to traditional hearing aids.

Not fast enough to handle many sounds at the same time, traditional hearing aids normally focus on a “main” sound, like speech in front of you, and then suppress all other sounds. Background sounds often include important speech details, and when these are not passed on to the brain, conversations are difficult and tiring to follow.

The groundbreaking technology in Oticon OPN processes sound 50 times faster, giving your brain a more complete soundscape. This puts you, not your hearing aid, in charge of the sounds you focus on.

Oticon OPN uses the latest Oticon BrainHearing technologies to help you:
  • Focus on your prefered sounds
  • Understand speech with less effort
  • Enjoy a fuller and more natural soundscape
  • Shift your attention from one sound to another
Made for iPhone

Oticon OPN connects directly to your iPhone so you can use your phone like anybody else. In addition to talking on the phone you can stream your music directly to your hearing aids