By Microsuction

The gentle and safe way to remove excess ear wax

Ear wax, or cerumen is a completely natural substance, but excessive build up can cause blockages leading to impaired hearing and discomfort. Traditional treatments, including syringing/irrigation may carry more risks than microsuction removal. It is a simple, clean and pain-free way to remove excessive ear wax. Microsuction does not always require pre-treatment with eardrops. Our qualified audiologist, will examine your ear using video-otoscopy and using a fine low pressure suction device, will safely and gently remove the blockage.

Why is Microsuction better?

Compared to traditional methods of wax removal – excessive use of eardrops and syringing with water, Microsuction is far safer, pain free, less messy and does not require weeks of waiting!

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My wife persuaded me to visit Preston Hearing Centre even though I already wore NHS hearing aids. I was fitted with two state of the art Phonak hearing aids on a trial basis. Early one morning my wife awoke me and told me to put my hearing aids in. She took me to the door to hear for the first time in my memory the dawn chorus, what a pleasure and shock to my system ! I went back to the Hearing Centre and purchased my hearing aids the next day.

Melvyn Wood, Wetherby

I listen to a lot of music and have a high quality music system. With my new Phonak Audeo hearing aids I’m now getting a good range of frequencies from my speakers and I’m enjoying my music to the full. I can also hear the television infinitely better. The overall sound quality of these hearing aids is fantastic.

Neil Parkinson, Scotby, Carlisle