Hearing Protection

When sounds are too loud or uncomfortable we perceive them as noise. Noise may cause physical or psychological damage – leading to a diminished quality of life.

Legislation applies only within the workplace. Outside the working environment it is up to the individual to safeguard their own hearing using noise protection.

Safe Exposure Levels


Custom Hearing Protection

Custom made noise protection is produced from an impression of the user’s ears. The custom mould can then be fitted with a choice of filter. This combination guarantees a safe fit with specific levels of protection, and allows use over long periods of time.

We don’t charge extra for ear impressions.
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My wife persuaded me to visit Preston Hearing Centre even though I already wore NHS hearing aids. I was fitted with two state of the art Phonak hearing aids on a trial basis. Early one morning my wife awoke me and told me to put my hearing aids in. She took me to the door to hear for the first time in my memory the dawn chorus, what a pleasure and shock to my system ! I went back to the Hearing Centre and purchased my hearing aids the next day.

Melvyn Wood, Wetherby

I listen to a lot of music and have a high quality music system. With my new Phonak Audeo hearing aids I’m now getting a good range of frequencies from my speakers and I’m enjoying my music to the full. I can also hear the television infinitely better. The overall sound quality of these hearing aids is fantastic.

Neil Parkinson, Scotby, Carlisle