My wife persuaded me to visit Preston Hearing Centre even though I already wore NHS hearing aids. I was fitted with two state of the art Phonak hearing aids on a trial basis. Early one morning my wife awoke me and told me to put my hearing aids in. She took me to the door to hear for the first time in my memory the dawn chorus, what a pleasure and shock to my system ! I went back to the Hearing Centre and purchased my hearing aids the next day.

Melvyn Wood, Wetherby

I listen to a lot of music and have a high quality music system. With my new Phonak Audeo hearing aids I’m now getting a good range of frequencies from my speakers and I’m enjoying my music to the full. I can also hear the television infinitely better. The overall sound quality of these hearing aids is fantastic.

Neil Parkinson, Scotby, Carlisle

After some internet research I contacted a few specialists in the Preston area. Irene Taylor was able to supply the Widex Beyond 440 made for iPhone hearing aids £1500 less than a previous quote. She tested me quickly after work and got my aids in about a week, just before the rundown to Christmas. The aids are astonishingly clear and I am happy to wear them for longer. The sound automatically adjusts to the surroundings and you don’t have to play around with the settings much. Noise reduction actually works – the hum from the air conditioning at work is suppressed. Connectivity with iPhone is more than a gimmick, my phone rings in my ears and I can answer calls hands free without disturbing others. I can vary the tone with the downloaded app, and I can change the direction of the microphones to hear those behind me when I’m driving or to suit if I’m stuck at the end of a restaurant table. I can place the microphone of my iPhone next to a source (like TV) and listen through the aids. Whenever a video plays on Facebook or YouTube or I listen to a tune on Spotify the sound is automatically relayed to my ears.They also automatically connect to my iPad so that if I’m awake during the night I can watch TV without disturbing my other half. There are still more features to come on the app and I look forward to them. I can’t thank Irene and her staff enough for accommodating me with regards to appointments, getting me state-of-the-art aids and I am happy to recommend Irene and Preston Hearing Centre.

Turney Logan, Garstang, Preston

Turney Logan, Garstang, Preston
Dear Irene I would like to point out that I find your service excellent. When I originally approached you about my hearing loss 2 years ago, you gladly organised and travelled to my home for a private consultation (80 miles away), which impressed me. You always remind me when I need a hearing review and I can quickly make a appointment via email with you at one of your hearing centres and they are free of charge. Your advice and selection of hearing aids is second to none. The system you advised for me (Phonak Audeo's ) is of excellent quality and capability. A multi channel system may be more expensive but the clarity and directionality is brilliant. I didn't hear this clearly for years until I adopted this system. Being able to use my smartphone as a hands free device anywhere and able to listen to music without cables via the Compilot system is very useful, although on occasion I do get some strange looks from people when I appear to be talking to myself in public places (because my phone is in my pocket). The Compilot system is like an upgrade on your ears. Thanks for your continued support.

My Phonak Audeo’s

Ron Park, Millom, Cumbria
Irene Taylor helped me hear again

Jamie’s Testimonial

J Bryan, Nottingham
My new Phonak titanium hearing aids have changed my life I knew I was at a crossroads. After 5 years of semi-retirement and a good part time job, I was realising my ability to work was under threat. Having had hearing aids for the last 7 years that I had flirted with off and on, it was becoming increasingly obvious to me I was missing far to much in conversation to carry on working effectively. I had never been comfortable with my NHS aids. They worked but I never felt easy with them. Wearing reading glasses I often knocked them off. It was a problem keeping them in for more than a couple of hours despite trying different earpieces. My thoughts moved on to doing something different. Rather than take a different direction in my life, as I was more than happy with the job I was doing, my wife persuaded me to visit the Irene Taylor Hearing Centre. You never get a second chance with first impressions. The hearing centre is run by Irene, a professional and highly qualified hearing aid audiologist who has a mass of experience and knowledge that can be passed on to anyone who needs help in this area. I was assessed and recommendations were made as to best address my problems. Nothing was too much trouble. It was personal service of the highest standard. My wife joined me for the choice of hearing aids. Being only 62 years old we hoped the aids would be used for many years to come, therefore it seemed quite logical to go for the choice of an insert type. My ear cast was taken and within the week I was the proud possessor of a new pair of Phonak Titanium in the canal hearing aids. The fitting and commissioning of the aids was quite exciting and within half an hour I was ringing my wife, on my mobile from the city centre to say they were fitted. This is something I couldn't have done previously due to background noise. I've only had the aids a week, Irene wants to see me again soon to see how things are progressing, I will be delighted to report back to her.

My Phonak Titanium hearing aids

Tony Duckworth, Lostock Hall, Preston
As an ex rugby player, my ears are, should we say, slightly mis-shaped, so Irene's help in arranging Puretone to make perfectly fitting in-ear i Monitors has been a revelation. For the first time since owning an iPhone I now have a hands free solution and can listen to music without cumbersome headphones. great service and a perfect result.

My new i Monitors

Stirling Hulme, Kirkby Lonsdale